Photo 1. This picture was taken from Humphrey Head one spring morning.  Sunrise over Blakely Island.   Property of LOPEZ ISLAND REAL ESTATE.

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This site is, in many ways, my perception of Lopez Island.
I am Roy Richmond, Managing Broker for Windermere Real Estate Lopez Island.
Lopez Island is a quiet place, not far from the bustle of western Washington.
It is both spiritually and physically removed from traffic jams, shopping malls, and speed.
When my wife and I came here, only five numbers were needed to make a local phone call,
and even now, we do not have a traffic light.
Suits and ties are not worn here,
neither are heels or any other impractical garments.
In addition, nearly everyone owns a chainsaw.
So, what is this web site about?
I designed this site to help make your transition to becoming a Lopezian easier.
I sell real estate, make no mistake,
but I would like to help you decide whether Lopez Island is the place for you.
One can catch the Anacortes Ferry , ride for forty-five minutes,
and arrive, as if by magic,in a very different and simpler time.
This is a gift one must possess to fully appreciate.
First on the ferry route to the San Juan Islands is Lopez.
Come join us.

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